Blue Electric Eyes

"...orchestrates a fruitful encounter between a nostalgic 80's disco feeling and some heavy funk basslines created to set fire to the dancefloor"


"...funky, ridiculous, silly, and all the better for it... huge 80s/90s style fun!"

The dream Machine

"a flirtatious album, and sometimes lasciviously danceable as it can get...melodies as strong as the groove create a fun and colorful blend that makes it hard for a listener to remain seated"

After Hours

"...starts off with the glittery synths from Dreaming Of You, we are immediately given a mental image of a lively retro party in a crowded, colorful discotheque. Though the music is rooted in 80s pop, it makes room for just enough 70s disco and modern electronica, to sound original. As always, Neon NiteClub makes it hard for us to not tap our feet."